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Stefan Hartmann discusses the effectiveness of a wide range of Long COVID and vax injury treatments as well as scoring their tolerability on a scale of 1-5, 1 being nearly intolerable and 5 being the most tolerable or even pleasurable. Stefan also profiles a number of high-profile case studies.

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Cardiovascular Effects of Long COVID & Vaccines ghf sfgfg fhgj adfadg gjkgjk sdgsf

Dr. McCullough discusses studies that show patients who have been vaccinated remain infected with the spike protein months later, with no sign of the body clearing the spike protein on its own. This equals an as-yet indefinite risk of cardiovascular complications for vaccinated patients. These complications have been linked to sudden death without previous symptoms in up to 15-20% of vaccine patients, especially in men aged 18-24. Around 450,000 deaths have been linked to these vaccine injuries. Dr. McCullough shares how you can help him continue to spread the truth about vaccine risks and fight back against the American Medical Association threatening his Medical licenses and career.

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Meditative Movement And Qigong Qigong Qigong fag fdsg


Dr. Haider will discuss low-impact Zone 2 exercise and meditative movement for Long COVID sufferers. Dr. Haider has practiced Qigong for years, and he details the benefits of Qigong for Long Haulers here.      

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Clinical Experience Treating Long Haulers With FLCCC Protocols     


Dr. Kory discusses the state of the COVID-19 Pandemic and where it’s headed in both mainstream and alternative practices. Dr. Kory addresses the shift from a viral pandemic to a pandemic of vaccine injury and increased susceptibility to other respiratory illnesses. He outlines his preferred line of treatment for COVID and Long COVID that he uses in his own practice. Drs. Kory and Haider also discuss their detachment from general practice and mainstream medicine and the new frontier of telehealth and private practice. Be on the lookout for Dr. Kory’s Book, The War On Ivermectin, coming out in January!

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Autophagy: How to Rid Your Body of The SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein afad dafadg adgadf agadgadgdag adg

Intermittent Fasting helps induce autophagy and clear out residual spike protein. If you're new to Fasting, we've got your back! We'll teach you how to ease into it. Dr. Been will also share alternative methods to induce autophagy if fasting is not an option.

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Treatments Beyond The Primary Medications in The FLCCC Protocols And Treatment Resistant Long Haul Patients

Dr. Saleeby will discuss the nuances of LDN, VLDN, and ULDN, peptide treatments, nutraceuticals, and methylene blue as effective treatments for long haul in some patients. These treatments need to be closely monitored, and they are not effective for everyone. However, when standard treatments fail, they can be a lifesaver!      

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Diagnosis of Micro Clotting in Long Haulers fadf adgdag addg adfad adfa ada adadg adfadf agd adfad adad adgd

Dr. Pretorius talks about her research on clotting pathologies and spotlights recent findings in COVID and Long COVID. She has identified inflammatory molecules that may be involved in causing pathological (abnormal) clotting and the persistent symptoms of Long COVID.

Dr. Pretorius’ study shows that plasma samples from Long COVID still contain large anomalous amyloid deposits (micro clots). Given that blood clots can block microcapillaries and thereby inhibit oxygen exchange, she investigates if the lingering symptoms that individuals with Long COVID manifest might be due to the presence of persistent circulating plasma micro clots that are resistant to fibrinolysis.

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Supplementation for Long Haulers adfadf adadf adfadf  

The human body processes countless elements through complex interactions that are directly affected by the food we eat, our environment, and even our genetics. Dr. Masterjohn discusses how to harness the power of diet and nutrition as our primary means of addressing deficiencies and how supplements can act as a backup. 

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How to Use Genetics to Decode Your Health afda adfadf adfadg

Different treatments work for different people. Your genetics play a huge role in determining what will and won't work for you. Joe Cohen discusses how your genes can inform you as to the direction to take on your own health journey.

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How to Be a Champion (And Not a Victim!) of Change 

Change is inevitable. Dai discusses how to take charge of change in your life and apply it towards forward momentum and growth. Dai will show you how a positive mindset, self-examination, self-discipline, and intentional language can change your life and health!      

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Healing The Body With a Ketogenic Diet


Tara will be speaking about using a Ketogenic diet to help heal from Long COVID-related inflammation, cold immersion therapy, light therapy, fostering self-motivation, and more!

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EFT for Long COVID: A New Perspective


Michelle will speak about using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to support people suffering from Long COVID. EFT is a stress reduction technique that focuses on tapping acupuncture points in order to lower the stress hormone cortisol. Studies have shown this technique can help regulate inflammation and immunity genes and even upregulate brain function.                                                    
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Root Cause of Long Covid: Hidden Infections


Lorrie discusses the importance of maintaining a healthy microbiome in overcoming chronic illnesses. Lorrie talks about factors like diet and antibiotic over prescription that can lead to an unbalanced microbiome. She discusses how to reset and rebalance your body’s microbiome so that your immune system can properly do its job.

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The Importance of Sleep And Sun


Michelle talks about the importance of a health coach in Long COVID treatment and explains the pillars of a healthy lifestyle. Michelle also shares tips and tricks to facilitate integrating these pillars into your life. The importance of Sleep and sunlight is a huge focus of the conversation.              

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Treating Neurological Symptoms of Long Covid


Dr. Groysman will share his incredible success treating Long Covid sufferers for brain fog, anosmia, parosmia, and fatigue since early 2020 using a modified stellate ganglion block (SGB).                 

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Treatment of Long Haul Vax/Wild Type Injured


Stefan discusses the effectiveness of a wide range of Long COVID and vax injury treatments as well as scoring their tolerability on a scale of 1-5, 1 being nearly intolerable and 5 being the most tolerable or even pleasurable. Stefan also profiles a number of high-profile case studies.

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Treating Long COVID Symptoms Using H.E.L.P. Apheresis

Dr. Jaeger discusses her decades of experience using H.E.L.P. apheresis (heparin-induced extracorporeal LDL/fibrinogen precipitation) for severe lipid metabolism disorders (therapy-refractory hypercholesterolemia) and the resulting complications and how she now applies the treatment for Long Haulers and the vaccine injured. She also discusses a number of other alternative treatments she’s found helpful.                 

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Ozone And Light Therapies


Dr. Thorp discusses the pathology of COVID, Long COVID, and Vaccine Injuries being a primary energy deficit in the vascular system.

Dr. Thorp discusses the effects of the body’s bioelectric and magnetic fields on cardiovascular function. He also delves into Gerald Pollack’s structured water hypothesis and how it applies to human biology and energy generation.

Dr. Thorp also discusses dialectic energy and aether as the primary source of cellular energy and ties the effects of hydroxychloroquine back to this process. For Long COVID, he recommends light therapies and drinkable ozone. Be on the lookout for Soma Energetics, Dr. Thorp’s company, producing affordable Ozonated products, including oil and water.

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Success Story addf afadf faffadfaf dgh hdgh hdg dhgh hdh fhd d dhdh dfh dhd

Cindy shares her long COVID recovery story and how she has been helping others find long COVID protocols that work.

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Gain insight and inspirational hope from one of the few Long COVID experts in the country, involving his proven protocols and personal victory over Long COVID.                

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Lifestyle Medicine Works


Dr. Syed Haider and His Patients are Living Proof

After catching COVID while working in hospitals at the beginning of the pandemic, Dr. Haider had symptoms that lingered for over six months. He had trouble sleeping, anxiety, brain fog, fatigue, palpitations, weight gain, neuropathy, headaches, loss of taste and smell, and even a short temper. This was back in 2020, before he really knew what Long COVID was or how to treat it. 

He fell back on his functional, lifestyle, and classical Chinese medicine training to develop a program that put him on the road to recovery. He's applied these same principles to treating over 5000 COVID patients with great success. As he learned more about long COVID, Dr. Haider fine-tuned the program with powerful supplements and, for those who need them, proven off-label prescriptions. 

After treating thousands of patients, Dr. Haider found that prescriptions and supplements are helpful for many–but often, simple lifestyle changes are necessary to help regain full, vibrant health. 

The Long COVID Reset Summit brings together not only medical professionals and lifestyle experts but also the worlds leading experts across a variety of fields related to Long COVID. These include genetics, lab testing, diagnostics, alternative therapies and medicines, and more!

This is the event for you if you are suffering from symptoms of Long Haul or vaccine injuries, but just don't take our words for it.


A very informative, interesting Summit . Thanks to all involved Thank You Dr Haider!!


Michael C.


Excellent information/self treatment gem a patient could use, wrapped in a sea of professional dialog.


Joel S.

Especially appreciated the detailed research of these brilliant eyes-wide-open, courageous warriors on possible cures and techniques to get in front of the "pandemic" problem. I am profoundly grateful for the generous compilation from healing professionals on ways we can stay healthy - making us less likely to fall victim to demonic psychopaths.

Dr. Haider, I learned so much about how to better manage the body/machine while keeping spiritual sanity. This thank you is no small thing.


Cindy L.

I believe it was nothing more than a miracle that I found this summit just days after being diagnosed with Covid long haulers. Still feeling overwhelmed yet relieved that my symptoms finally had a diagnosis, this summit offered me the wealth of information that I needed to begin me healing journey. Thank you to all the excellent presenters!


Melanie K.



Very informative information. Do not understand everything completely but it’s nice to know there’s a platform trying to help. It’s helping me with new ideas to change my lifestyle. It gave me some hope in the medical field.


Michael A.


I learned so much from this series and regard this series to be of the greatest importance to people right now. The doctors really know what they are talking about and clear up a lot of the ignorance and stupidity about CoVid and the importance of not trusting these shots!


Edna T.

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